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Feta Salad with Zip: So freakin’ delicious!

I don’t often get overly excited about salad.  It’s greens.  In a bowl. And at times, it’s very boring.

But when you find a salad that is so delicious…so fantastic…slightly peppery, yet salty, yet citrusy….a salad so damn good that you make it five times in one week….there’s some excitement to be had!



I apologize for this picture, which doesn’t do the salad justice at all!
But it’s just so good that you start to taste and you forget to take a shot!

Regardless, I have promised friends that I would post the recipe here so this picture will have to do, for now.

My friend Pamela from Montreal gave me this recipe.  She made it first for a dinner when we were on a mini-vacation together, and I have since made it for other people who have all loved it!

So, here it is!  The recipe for one of my favourite salads! Merci Pamela! Continue reading

Brie & Honey: Delicious!

I had some friends over for dinner a couple of weeks ago.  In the midst of planning the menu and cleaning the house, I decided I wanted to go buy some cheese and create an awesome cheese platter!

I bought some chedder striated with carmelized onion, some classic Beemster, as well as a lovely blue cheese and a triple cream brie from Quebec.

The guy at the Cheese Boutique told me to try the brie with honey and I have to pass on that advice!

Omigods, it was delicious! The lovely texture of the brie overlaid with a sweet layer of honeybee goodness! I used local honey…it always seems to taste better 😉

Next time you find yourself in front of a cheese tray containing Brie, ask for some honey! You won’t be sorry!

Easy Salad and SO Good: Apples and blue cheese, who knew?

This is going to be a short post but that makes sense as this salad took me such a short time to throw together!

In the time I have taken up cooking, salads have continued to amaze me. You can put practically anything in them, add a theme, add some hot, add some cold…your imagination has no limitation!


Well, I suppose there are some things that just wouldn’t work…like nacho cheese Doritos and-….
You know, those *could* actually work in the right salad….
Anyway, I’m sure there are things out there that would turn our stomachs….
Avoid those ingredients.

So today I decided to have a salad for lunch and threw together the lovely collection you see above.


Spinach and lettuce mixed greens
Half an apple, chopped
Dried cranberries, a handful
Chicken Breast, previously roasted plain and sliced
Blue Cheese, crumbled
Balsamic vinaigrette dressing (made with balsamic vinegar and olive oil)

Note about blue cheese:  This isn’t a cheese I enjoy on its own. A hunk of blue cheese, sans partner? No thanks. No crackers? no fruit? No eat.
But apples and blue cheese…my new favourite thing!  I bought extra creamy blue cheese this time around and it is heavenly! The acidity of the apple cuts through the cheese and the two tastes together….they work…at least according to my tastebuds!

I just SO enjoyed my salad today…I had to share!




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