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Fun Gothic-ky Recipes from around the ‘net

Since I tend to lean towards a darker aesthetic…not just in my cooking but in most areas of my life…I thought it would be interesting to collect various gothic/alternative/funky recipes from around the ‘net.  Keep in mind we’re using the word ‘gothic’ fairly liberally for this post.  *wink*

So, here we go…I will add to this list as I find more in my travels.  Feel free to comment and leave me links to check out!

Zombie Cookies

Found at http://www.staceyjay.com/zombie-fun/

Licorice Ice Cream

Found at http://www.ice-cream-recipes.com/ice_cream_recipe_licorice_toffee.htm

Thorax Cake

Found at http://www.doitmyself.org/2003/10/thorax-cake.html (Thanks to Soozling for the link!)

This cake is the most AWESOME, most disturbing cake I have ever seen!  I LOVE it!

Thorax Cake


Found at http://webspinstress.com/halloween/2009/10/26/creepy-treats-eyeballs/

I’ve tried to avoid simply listing typical Halloween recipes…as those are fairly easy to come by…but a collection of eyeball recipes?  I couldn’t resist!

Gothic Cabbage Rolls

Oh yeah! I put the GOTH in Cabbage Rol-...You know what I mean!

Taken from Edible Noir: A recipe from this very blog that became inadvertently gothic! 😀

Eccentric 31-yr-old newbie-cook in need of readers …

The title should probably read more like:

“Eccentric non-cook in need of readers who CAN cook and/or who appreciate experimentation, humor and who know how to use a fire extinguisher”

Poisonous or no...I didn`t eat them!

Yep, you read the title correctly.  I’m a 31-year-old Canadian woman who has never learned to cook or bake or braise or garnish…you name it, I likely have not done it.  Friends have insisted that I’m not the only one; that there are many out there in the same position.  Hopefully, if that’s true, some of you will find this blog and follow me throughout my adventures and experimentation!

I also hope to have some readers join in who know their way around the kitchen.  For each recipe I post, I plan on sharing my thoughts on the process.  What worked? What didn’t work?  At what point did I think, “What the hell?  Is that right?”  I freely admit I am new to this whole cooking process, so feedback, thoughts, suggestions, and comments are beyond appreciated and will be well-received!

So, how does someone grow up and get by without knowing any cooking strategies beyond microwaving soup and making Kraft Dinner?

I was never forced to cook growing up.  I just wasn’t interested and I think my mother could see what a losing battle it would be to try and get me to remain in the kitchen for any length of time.  As it was, getting me to do dishes after meals was a daily struggle!

Somehow I’ve either always been able to fake it or I have had someone else around who enjoyed cooking.  Various boyfriends have been awesome cooks and, in some cases, they preferred having me away from the kitchen unless the goal was some type of burnt or crunchy dish.

There have of course been times in my life when I lived alone and had to feed myself.  I became an expert in opening cans and turning on microwaves.  I can only imagine the amount of preservatives I have consumed over the course of my life and expect that after death, I will likely not require much in the way of embalming.  My lovely boyfriend would add at this point that my alcohol consumption likely will help with this but let’s not wander down that road just yet! <grin>

I’m not sure what kick started my interest in food preparation, but suddenly I found myself wanting to eat meals, desserts, breads, all made by my own hands.  I wanted to cook, bake, create, experiment and of course, eat said experiments!

Soon after that desire kicked in, I blinked and found myself in my kitchen surrounded by ingredients, measuring cups, and utensils I couldn’t even name.  After the panic waned, I have to admit I began having some pretty cool experiences in my tiny, little kitchen…successes and failures.

To this day, I even enjoy those unsuccessful attempts (tag: Epic Fail), or when a dish doesn’t turn out exactly right but remains edible (tag: Edible Failure).  I’m learning, and that’s the point!

Add to that my eccentric nature and my preference for the dark and morbid and we have a formula for a fascinating, out of the ordinary, cooking blog.
The desire to cook came paired with the desire to share.  I want to share my creations and my cooking experiences and that is what has led to this blog.  I’m hopeful that some strategies I come up with in the kitchen are helpful to others but even more so, I am hopeful that my readers will be willing to offer thoughts and suggestions.  Finally, I hope that this blog piques the curiosity of others like me who have spent years avoiding the full use of a kitchen, favouring instead microwaves and frozen dinners.

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