Feta Salad with Zip: So freakin’ delicious!

I don’t often get overly excited about salad.  It’s greens.  In a bowl. And at times, it’s very boring.

But when you find a salad that is so delicious…so fantastic…slightly peppery, yet salty, yet citrusy….a salad so damn good that you make it five times in one week….there’s some excitement to be had!



I apologize for this picture, which doesn’t do the salad justice at all!
But it’s just so good that you start to taste and you forget to take a shot!

Regardless, I have promised friends that I would post the recipe here so this picture will have to do, for now.

My friend Pamela from Montreal gave me this recipe.  She made it first for a dinner when we were on a mini-vacation together, and I have since made it for other people who have all loved it!

So, here it is!  The recipe for one of my favourite salads! Merci Pamela!

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Making this salad requires a lot of tossing.  I have found it easiest to forgo any utensils and toss with my hands.
I was also told that for the taste of the salad to turn out, you have to follow the steps IN ORDER.

You have been warned. *wink*

1) Greens – (I use a mix of red lettuce and spinach but you can use whatever you wish) Cut up in bite sized pieces.

2) Black pepper – Put some in your hands and rub all over the greens. Rub and toss in the bowl.  I have found the amount of pepper to depend on preference.  It adds some good zip to the salad so start with a bit and add as you like.

3) Red Onion – Cut into *very* thin slices, half-moon shape or smaller (I’m not always one to put onions in my salad, but in this case, I don’t find I notice them much at all so I always include them)

4) Dill – Cut up some *fresh* dill into small bits and sprinkle in the bowl. Toss toss toss!

5) Lemon – Squeeze 1/4 to 1/2 lemon (depending on your salad size) and again, toss toss toss!

6) Mix olive oil with a pinch of salt (Be sure to mix them together before adding or the flavour won’t turn out as expected).  Once mixed, add lightly to the salad.

7) Lightly mix and toss again.

8) Feta cheese – Added last and, in my case, I add a LOT! 🙂

Additional things Pamela suggested to add: sunflower seeds and dried cranberries.  I have had it with both and they were a brilliant addition!

So there you go!

Happy salad making!
And if you add something new to the mix, be sure to share!


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