Struggling with Breakfast

I have always had to struggle with eating in the morning.

I recognize that it’s healthy and that we shouldn’t skip breakfast but here’s what I find difficult:

a) how to find time when you’re running out the door
b) what to make that is a healthy choice
c) how to not eat said healthy breakfast **
d) make a breakfast that fills you up but doesn’t sit like a rock in your stomach all morning, especially when you’re having a particularly early start

My typical breakfast? A smoothie typically made with banana, some type of frozen fruit/berries, almond milk, hemp seeds/wheat germ/whey/bee pollen/etc (sometimes a number of these, sometimes one).  At times I add spinach or a dollop of peanut butter.

Typical morning smoothie in process

Typical morning smoothie in process

But effectively, the smoothie is the same every day…see difficulty ( C ) above.  Boring!

(Also can I add COLD!  On a cold winter’s morning, do I really want to be sipping at a frozen beverage? Not so much :P)

I love my smoothies, but I eventually lose interest and either then skip breakfast because “Meh” or end up eat something that doesn’t really fall into the healthy category.

So, my point? Breakfast needs an overhaul, a new perspective and a new approach.

This article: 31 Delicious Low-Carb Breakfasts For A Healthy New Year has some brilliant ideas and is what kickstarted this train of thought.

Many of the options on this website call for actually cooking ingredients, which I admit does not happen on a regular basis.

Somehow the idea of cooking breakfast equals weekend mornings, when you are relaxing after a long week and have time to cook a luxurious breakfast.  Perhaps this is a perspective that needs to change.

I have more investigating and reading to do, so for now I’ll ask, what do YOU do for breakfast?

Fast, healthy, yummy…all in one.  Possible?  Would love some suggestions!

Mmmm, breakfast smoothie!

Mmmm, breakfast smoothie!


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