An Ediblenoir Retrospective (PS Why is food photography so hard?)

Over the last few days, I have found myself contemplating this blog…why it began, why I continue to post and where I intend it to go…if anywhere.

Two years ago, I created this blog as an outlet for my new-found love of, well… food! At the ripe ol’ age of 31, I discovered that cooking can be fun.  I also had to accept the realization that I knew next to nothing about it.  It was exciting…new…and this blog was a way to share my excitement with the world.

I decided on the name Ediblenoir, as it encompassed my own personal aesthetic preferences, plus I attempted to maintain the theme with my entries.

I even organized a photo shoot to capture my vision of Ediblenoir and what it meant to me.  I am still quite pleased with the resulting shots, although many have yet to be shared or actively used for this blog.

 Originally I figured I would add bits of dark decor to my photos to keep with the theme and the result were *subtle* photos like this one:

 Interesting. A little odd. Not practical!

Cooking is messy and sometimes fast paced.  Not to mention, working as a sign language interpreter isn’t black fingernail polish friendly and there was no way that I was going to spend time doing my nails anytime I decided to prepare something!

So, yeah, the theme was an interesting idea but not do-able when in the thick of stirring, blending, weighing, and while trying not to make a huge mess! Not to mention, my kitchen isn’t overly Gothic.  Renting apartments doesn’t allow for much in the way of renovations….
Hey!  Perhaps this blog could support the idea of buying a house!
I want a Gothic kitchen, dammit!

So, yeah, dark aesthetic…interesting idea…sorta fail.

divider black

I have also been considering how I create my posts.

In some ways, I think that perhaps my entries come across as a little patronizing at times.
Often, I have included pictures of *every single step* of a recipe, which most readers likely already know how to do.

I’m sure you don’t need to be shown how to mix baking soda with flour, do you?

These anal retentive focused-on-every-detail blog posts were more reflective of my learning.  Everything was new and I figured, if I’m trying to figure it out, there have to be other newbies out there who are also working their way through the world of food and could benefit from the random bits and pieces I was discovering along the way.

But as I have perfected certain strategies, practiced certain steps over and over again and improved my skills, I notice that the number of pictures I feel the need to post has reduced. There are parts of recipes that may have taken me an hour to complete two years ago, that I can now zip through in a few minutes.

Chopping or dicing up various vegetables is a great example of that!

So the newbie facet of this blog is slowly waning as I lose my “newbie-ness”.

But I still feel as though I have SO much to learn!  And there is so much experience and good advice out there…what better way to tap into than via an online blog!

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The other piece to this blog that I have been struggling with is the Photos!

I regularly look at and read other food blogs, many of which are gorgeous layouts, with amazing photography. They boast a professional edge but are written by a random Jane Doe who claims to be doing exactly what I’m doing…simply sharing their  cooking experiences.

But their photos are awesome!  Professional!  With perfect lighting and gorgeous backdrops…

I see these photos and based on what I have read regarding food photography, I think “Do you actually eat this food after you have spent 4 hours setting the shot?”
And if they haven’t spent that much time fidgeting with the details, how are getting such lovely shots, so fast?

We have an awesome camera that we purchased last year…a Canon Rebel T3i so I have the means to take good pictures…and I freely admit that perhaps a photography course is in order here…but I still don’t understand how to create these beautiful shots when in the thick of it all.

During the cooking process, there is little time to pause and adjust lighting etc.  I’m in the midst of craziness and I want to capture that.

Natural lighting is best.
At least that’s my understanding from what I have read.
But often I find that often I cook after dark…so I’m dependant on the overhead tungsten lighting in our apartment, which leaves much to be desired.
Is there a simple set up I’m missing?
Could this all be solved by taking a few course and/or reading a few photography books?

divider black

Overall, though, I am happy with my presentation.  I’m quirky, quite dorky at times, and I don’t hide that on this blog.  🙂
I take strange pictures, I share weird thoughts and love to get responses to that!

But two years into this blog and I’m feeling the need to do some housecleaning.

My categories, my layout, my photos….

Have you any thoughts, dear readers?
Any suggestions?


I accept all feedback. Not need to be afraid. Seriously. 😉


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