The Great Sweet Potato Challenge – Sweet and Savoury

A couple of weeks ago, Tanya came over and we decided to see who could make the best sweet potato dish.

You know, because that’s what you do when your BFF visits. Challenge them to a duel! Of course!

So we thought about our approach…I went with a sweet baked dish and Tanya decided on savoury sweet potato slices.  Sort of chip-ish but too thick to be chip-crispy.

The challenge had begun!!

Entry #1 – SWEET –  Sliced potatoes on their way to being baked and semi-mashed by Yours Truly!

Entry #2 – SAVOURY – Sweet Potato Chips! Ready to be baked!

We each sort of made up recipes on the spot.

For my mashed dish, I did the following:

Peeled and sliced a number of sweet potatoes
Placed them in a casserole dish and added a few large chunks of butter, brown sugar, cinnamon
Baked them at 375 for about 35 minutes, until tender
Removed them from the oven, added some organic and real maple syrup…none of that wannabe stuff
Mashed them up

For her savoury dish, Tanya seasoned her potato slices with the following:

Peeled and sliced sweet potatoes
Toss them in olive oil until coated
Sprinkle both sides with pepper and salt
Sprinkle them all with a masala spice mix

Bake at 375
Baked them for 30 min

After 30 minutes baking in a 375 oven

We treated the crispy sides to a little bit more butter because…admit it…you can never have enough butter!

My mashed dish…well…pre-mashed…

Both dishes were awesome!  But I have to admit I think Tanya’s savoury dish won.  As I prepped my dish, mashing and maple syrup-ing…the chips slowly disappeared….

There appears to be less chips than before…..

We *definitely* had a thief in our midst!

*muffled* “What sweet potato? I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Nom nom nom

I was very pleased with how my sweet dish turned out, but those chips were damn good!
Initially we thought we had overcooked them but I think we should have flipped them and left them a little longer to make them crispy on both sides.
Ah well. Next time!

The final mashed product 🙂


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