Dumple Dumple! … Toronto’s Best Dumpling House

Yesterday, I ate at The Dumpling House in Toronto…still the best dumpling house around in my opinion…with the best Hot and Sour Soup EVER! It has been over a year since I posted my review…but since the food was SO good yesterday, yet again, I thought I would repost for those who may not be aware of this lil dumpling jewel on Spadina Avenue.

At the same time that I was introduced to sushi, I also met gyoza.  Awesome little beef dumplings that are usually on the menu at the sushi restaurants I tend to frequent.  One can’t help but love a dumpling…a little folded piece of dough, filled with yummy goodness!

Gyoza ordered somewhere on Queen St W, Toronto

Gyoza on Queen St, Toronto

I was recently reading some food articles online, and I came across a dumpling article on Saveur.com.  This article looks at dumplings from various cultures, as well as offers recipes for all of them.  Many sound utterly delicious…well, except the liver dumplings…sorry, but no thanks. 😉  Some don’t really look like the dumplings I’m used to and others lean toward a ravioli type pasta, although ravioli IS a pocket with goodness inside so, hey, I can accept that they are cousins of the dumpling family.

I hope to spend an afternoon some day soon creating dumplings…but for now, I thought I would share the article with you, as well as pics of my favourite dumpling restaurant in Toronto!

You can find Saveur.com’s article here ——-> Dumpling Recipes from Around the World


So, when I need a dumpling fix…as I did after reading the article above…I head to The Dumpling House on Spadina Ave in Toronto’s bustling Chinatown.

The best dumpling restaurant in TO!

One of the first things I noticed about this restaurant is that they make their dumplings in the front window.  The dumpling kitchen is right inside the front door so you can see exactly what kind of treatment your lovely lil dumplings are getting before they arrive at your table!

The Dumpling House offers a couple dozen types of dumpling: pork, pork and chives, pork and shrimp, mixed vegetables, shrimp and vegetable, spinach….you get the picture. 🙂  You also have your choice between steamed/boiled (which look similar to the wontons you’d find in wonton soup) and pan-fried (my preference…and which I have pictures of below!)

When you order a plate of pan-fried dumplings…they arrive at your table, looking like this:

Pan-fried Dumplings at The Dumpling House

All the dumplings are connected by these nummy crispy bits that you get to break with your chopsticks.  THAT in itself is a lot of fun!

Pan-fried close up…so yummy!

They are absolutely delicious and I tend to simply dip them in plain soya sauce (although once, I mixed up the vinegar for soya…I don’t recommend that. lol.)

Another perspective of the panfried dumpling!

Their dumplings are tender, freshly made and an absolute delight to eat!  I think there are many out there who agree with me since the restaurant tends to be at or nearing capacity any time I go.

A post about The Dumpling House would not be complete without a mention of their amazing Hot ‘n Sour soup.

My favourite hot n sour soup!

I am not a fan of spicy foods, but this soup has a wonderful medium spice that warms the tongue and the tummy. Perfect for a cold day! With tender tofu bits and an extremely hearty broth, it is thicker than typical soup so a good-sized bowl is quite filling.  I have tried many hot n’ sour soups but I always come back to this one!

As a final compliment to this restaurant, the prices are amazing!  On our most recent trips, three of us ordered three plates of pan-fried dumplings (as seen above), plus a large hot and sour soup (enough for each of us to have 2 small bowls) and we spent under $30 in total.

Most definitely worth searching out next time you’re in Toronto looking for a cheap, yet tasty and filling meal!

Final Note: Cash only


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