Fastest Stir-fry Ever

Over the past couple of weeks, Ben and I have been slowly settling into our new apartment.  Trying to get boxes unpacked and recycled seems to be a never-ending process and I can’t help thinking that boxes are like bunnies, they just keep multiplying!

One of the first rooms I unpacked was the kitchen and, although pretty much everything is out of boxes and on shelves, it is by no means organized. This has resulted in much eating out rather than cooking….but last night, I decided to stay in and actually cook.

I chose to make a stir-fry.  They’re easy and fast…and usually they can be made with whatever you have on hand so it’s almost possible to never create the same stir-fry twice!

Sadly, I have no pictures…okay, I lie…I have one taken on my blackberry that is utter crap so we’ll leave that image aside.  Just use your imagination to visualize an awesome looking stir-fry…and pretend that it’s mine! *wink*

This stir-fry was one of the fastest dishes I have thrown together in a long time. Part of this is, I believe, due to my growing comfort with chopping and prepping ingredients.

I roughly chopped up onion, celery, green pepper and some chicken breasts…all of which is whatever I could find in my fridge. 

By “roughly”, I mean I didn’t worry about size or shape, I simply cut them into small bite sized bits.  Usually I’m more anal-retentive about chopping/dicing/slicing perfectly but last night my knifework felt very freeflowing…as though my wrists and hands knew what to do!

I put a little oil in a wok and threw in the onions, allowing them to saute until they turned somewhat translucent. At that point I added the green pepper, celery and chicken.

Now, this is where creativity came into play.  I wanted a stir-fry sauce that would be very slightly spicy, yet tangy too. A friend once told me that if i wasn’t sure about putting ingredients together, to try smelling them together and see if the mingling scents work.  So I did.

I opened bottles of Worcestershire sauce, soya sauce, Thai sweet chili sauce and Dijon mustard…held them all up to my nose and inhaled.  They seemed to work quite well together!  I hesitated, but finally decided to jump right in and try mixing them. 🙂

I also added a dash of dried chili flakes and pepper.

While the stir-fry mixture sauteed, I boiled rice in another pot. When it was halfway done, I borrowed another idea from a friend and added some chili powder to the remaining water to flavour the rice a bit.

I would like to toot my own vuvuzela here for a moment and say….It was damn good!  B liked it too and we spent the evening with stirfry, wine and watching Robin Hood!  Success!


Bah, okay…here’s my crap-ass picture 😉 One day, I’ll get a *real* phone with a GOOD camera!

Nom nom nom! This stir-fry turned out SO good!

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One response to “Fastest Stir-fry Ever

  • Yasa

    a basic marinade that works for pretty much all types of meat for stir fry:
    splash (1tbsp’ish) Chinese cooking wine
    salt pepper to taste
    1.5 tbsp soy sauce
    1 tsp sesame seed oil
    1-2 tbsp chopped ginger
    1-2 tbsp chopped garlic

    mix with meat – let sit a few mins and stir fry

    there’s also a quick sauce that can be made using tapioca starch..details on request 😉

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