Nope, not dead…just moving!

My excuse for not writing?  I’m moving!

Okay, the moving things is a few weeks recent but I’ve been so caught up with packing, organizing and purging stuff that my blogs have gone a little, shall we say, dormant.

The fact that I was locked out of my account for a few weeks at New Years didn’t help either! 😛  But we’ll not go there.

So, yes, moving!  From Hamilton to Toronto, Ontario. I have been in my apartment for about 10 years now so the whole moving things is exciting, and overwhelming…Also somewhat like Christmas…opening drawers and cupboards only to exclaim “I forgot I had that!  That’s going to come in handy!”

Uh huh.  Really handy.  Being hidden for five years at the back of a drawer!

So far, I have sent four or five bursting garbage bags to the second-hand store….I have also shredded at least a half a dozen trees worth of paper!  The move is taking place at the beginning of May and it is my goal to get my blogs up and running again as soon as we get settled.

Paper shredding madness!!

When B and I were looking for apartments,  I was gunning for a bigger kitchen.  It only makes sense.  I started cooking almost two years ago now and as my skills progress, I get messier, I use more dishes and therefore, I need more space! 😉

In the end, we had to weigh location and other factors against a wee kitchen.

Location won out.  Our new apartment is close to biking trails and parks…away from the hustle and bustle of downtown.  The biggest park in the Toronto area can be seen from our new front yard! Which makes me incredibly happy!

Since we really liked the location, we settled on a smaller kitchen.  So now, the challenge is to plan and organize around a smaller space.  I think a trip to Ikea is in order!!

Our new kitchen!


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