Long absence…though not completely my fault!

Happy New Year’s!

Wow, it has been awhile since my last post.  I admit that I missed a few weeks as the holidays drew closer and the craziness became more…well…crazy.  But I also lost a couple of weeks due to an error that wouldn’t allow me to log into my blogs and unfortunately, I had to wait for WordPress Support to return after New Years to fix it.

And so finally, as of today, I have access again!  *waves*

I have a few draft posts that are somewhat dated but I’m going to go ahead and post them anyway.  Worth sharing even if I miss a detail or two.  Most of the cooking I did over the holidays was food I have already posted, such as Sparkle Ginger Cookies and Lentil Soup, so there really been much made lately that was blog-worthy .  Now that the holidays are over, time to start experimenting again!


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A bit odd, a bit eccentric, a bit loud. Kinda goth, kinda alt, kinda geeky. Crochet/cooking/reading/writing/big stompy boots/journals and a Cheshire grin! All recorded on Wordpress ;) Learning to cook with a Dash of Daring and a Pinch of Panic: ediblenoir.wordpress.com Sewing and fibre arts, creations made by moi: stitchnoir.wordpress.com Random rants and other bits and pieces: adashofnoir.wordpress.com View all posts by Amanda Pants

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