Montreal – Day 1

A friend and I headed out to Montreal for a few days.  We planned to do some sight-seeing, shop a bit (okay…a LOT) and eat!

We arrived fairly late on the first day, but not so late that we didn’t have time to head out to a nearby Greek restaurant and completely stuff ourselves!

Terrasse LaFayette, Montreal QC

Both our host and my traveling companion had eaten at this restaurant before.  So, not only could they guarantee good food but they also knew how tremendously large the servings were.  Regardless, we were all starving and went ahead ordering whatever caught our eye.  We very quickly filled the table, with some absolutely amazing food!

A huge Greek salad

Some of the most tender Calmarts Frits (calamari rings) I have ever had!

An order of Pikilia which included feta, tzatziki, taramosalata, copanisti, spanakopita, tyropita, and dolmades. (Desc taken from the menu)

Special mention has to be made about the spanakopita.  I am a big fan and have had many different versions of this yummy Greek pastry but the  spanakopita served to us on the above tray was unlike any I had ever eaten.  Within the flaky, savory pastry was spinach (of course!) along with a rich creamy layer that I can only guess was a type of cheese.  It was quite unexpected…to bite into it and taste such a richness when I was ready for the slight tangy-ness of spinach but it was a welcome surprise.  The only down side?  The tray came with one good-sized spanakopita and I had to share! 😛

Brochette de Poulet

The chicken was moist and tender and the sliced potatoes were lightly spiced.

We shared everything except the two warm and hearty bowls of lentil soup that Michel and I decided to try.  Even the bowls of the soup were incredibly large.

Our tables filled up quickly and my first attempt at practicing my French was to make a joke with the waitress about requiring a third table when she asked us if we ‘needed anything more’.

My two lovely companions at our absolutely FULL tables...and the soup was still to come!

The service was great, the weather was pleasant and the food….ah, c’etait magnifique!

A lovely way to begin our visit!


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