It’s too hot to cook!

I haven’t been posting much on this blog lately.  A big part of the reason for this is that the past couple of weeks have been overwrought with sunny days that have all hit 30 degrees or more (Celsius, that is)!

I live in an attic and the last thing I find myself wanting to do is turn on my oven or start up my range.  Salads, freezies, finger foods…these are the foods that have been massively appealing as of late.  Easy, convenient, and best of all, no heat involved.  On the down side, not very blog worthy.

So, I’m here…I’m just out cycling instead of cooking.

And for those interested in what cycling looks like at 35 or so degrees….here it is….

A shot from my 2nd WP blog - Taken on July 10 after a 40km ride.


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