Tackling the Notorious Tupperware Cupboard

Tonight, I decided to clean out my Tupperware/reusable container cupboard…and survived!

As always, safety first.  So I told my Facebook friends what I was doing and where I would be, so that if anything happened and I didn’t return, they’d know where to start looking.

I can’t remember ever being at anyone’s house and seeing an organized container cupboard, unless they had recently cleaned it out.  Tupperware and the like don’t seem to be made for organization, even though that’s ironically what they’re for!

I thought this time around, I had a pretty good system going.  I hadn’t cleaned out the cupboard in awhile because it hadn’t needed it.  I kept one large container for lids.  Every time I washed bottoms and tops, I put the lid in the holder with the others and stacked the container with its matching similarly shaped cousins.  Apparently, I have gotten lazy over time because when I approached the cupboard this evening, it looked like this:

I'm going in! *shudder*

Lovely!  Ah well…I knew I was taking my life in my hands.

I began gingerly pulling out the stacks, doing my best to balance them and keep them all from tumbling out on my head and burying me for all time.

Below, you can see my so-called system. On the far right, you can see the large container holding all the lids.  Ideally, they’d all sit in there nicely and I’d be able to match container to lid fairly quickly.  Yeah…..nope.

My system-...well, my broken system

I started putting lids and containers together and it was soon apparent that many didn’t match.  I had lonely lids and sad companionless containers.

Happy containers reunited with their lovely lids!

Single and rejected, these lids and containers had to be handled with care

After taking that picture, I discovered a few more partners in the mix, but the majority of what you see had to be either recycled or trashed.

How the heck does one end up with a dozen lids and a dozen containers that don’t have partners???  Is the lid creature related to the sock monster who lives in the dryer?  I think so.  I think we have a family of monsters supporting our frustration for kicks!

Anyway, afterwards, my cupboard looked like this:

The proud, albeit dorky, cupboard cleaner…

My cousins have told me they use a newer type of Tupperware with lids that attach to the bottom of their matching container…so perhaps that will be the goal for my next shopping extravaganza…to find containers that confuse the creature in my cupboard!!

Muah hahahahahahha!


July 2011

I took my cousin’s advice and purchased these containers at a nearby big box store:

Let's see the creature in the cupboard steal these lids!! Mwahahahahaha!


I love them!  The containers all stack together, as do the lids, AND the group of lids then snaps to the bottom of a container!  They are awesome!


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5 responses to “Tackling the Notorious Tupperware Cupboard

  • minimalistself

    Hi Amanda!
    Thanks for this post – I will refer to it in an upcoming story in my minimalist blog…all about cleaning up! 🙂
    I have you in my blog roll too.
    Take care!

  • Margaret

    I can see it now. Rows of melted containers on the curb – like an epidemic that takes the city captive

  • Joe Sconfitto

    Tupperware (and similar containers) is one of the scourges of mankind. Lids never match, are missing or, in our case, are chewed up by the dogs. Our Tupperware drawer is full of uselessness that we can’t bring ourselves to toss out because we have deluded ourselves into thinking that the missing pieces will miraculously “turn up”. Hasn’t happened yet. But yet we live by faith and not by experience.

    I hate the stuff. Someday I am going to throw the whole mess into the oven to melt it into consolidation just so it will stay put when you open the drawer and not scatter all over the place when you put your hand in. You know, like the ball cage at Chuck E. Cheese’s?

    Sorry about ranting so. I feel….cleansed.

    • Au Contraire

      Your comment made me laugh out loud! 🙂 you are so right!

      Happily, or sadly dependent on your perspective I suppose, I’ve never been to Chuck E Cheese…but I can imagine 😀

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