Salad Favourites: Man Salad (And no, I didn’t name it!)

It is only in the past 9 months or so that I’ve become a salad fan.  Every salad is a little bit different and that’s what I like about them…I love the flexibility!

Some of my favourite ingredients in my salads lately include:

  • almond slices
  • sunflower seeds
  • various cheeses
  • dried cranberries
  • and fruit, usually chopped apple or pear

Last year, while I was in Halifax Nova Scotia, I was introduced to one of the best salads I have ever had! It’s quite heavy and can be quite rich, but SO good and SO easy to make!

The restaurant menu called it “Man Salad”.  I can only assume that was because steak was involved? Click here for the recipe or scroll to the bottom of the post.

I was out to lunch with a couple of friends and two of us decided to split the Man Salad, thinking it sounded interesting. Sharing, not the best idea, as we both loved it after the first bite and having to share it was difficult! lol  Difficult enough that the very next day, we returned to the restaurant and each got our own! 😉

Before we left the second time, we made sure to ask the waitress for the recipe and I have since made my own home version half a dozen times.  It was pretty straightforward, a salad tossed in balsamic vinaigrette and topped with steak, onions and blue cheese.

Greens, tossed and ready to go

Frying up the Topping

All put together w/crumbled blue cheese!

If you are shaking your head now, thinking “Nope…Big NO to blue cheese, thanks!”  I encourage you to re-consider.  Of course, if you are completely and utterly against blue cheese…who am I to say otherwise? *grin*  All I know is that, I hated my first bite of actual blue cheese.  I always enjoyed the dressing, to dip veggies and the like, but my first bite of the cheese was, well, kinda gross and moldy.  Go figure.

On this salad, however, I LOVE it.  The sauteed steak and the balsamic vinaigrette work together to complement the creaminess of the cheese, thereby dulling the sharp moldiness. Definitely a new way to enjoy the distinctive flavour that is Blue Cheese!


Man Salad

The following ingredients and measurements are approximate for making one large salad.  I have found this dish to be completely flexible and open to taste and preference so feel free to mess with measurements.

  • salad greens, enough for a large plate of salad
  • 1-2 tsbp sliced almonds
  • 1/2 yellow onion, chopped
  • small steak, cut into strips (a tender cut is best…and in terms of size…how hungry are you? *wink*)
  • Dried cranberries/cherries
  • 1/4 cup blue cheese, crumbled
  • salt
  • pepper
  • Marinade for the meat: soya sauce, worcestershire sauce

  1. Cut up your steak into strips (or smaller pieces if desired) and marinade them lightly.  The marinade is flexible and dependant on your preference.  I usually use a soya sauce/worcestershire sauce mix.
  2. Mix together your greens, dried cranberries, and any other salad fixing you wish to add (Peppers work well).
  3. Toss in balsamic vinaigrette dressing and set aside.  (I usually make my own, approx 1 part oil to 2 parts balsamic vinaigrette)
  4. Add a drop of oil to a frying pan and add the onions, sauteing them over med heat until transparent.
  5. Add the steak and the sliced almonds.  Medium-rare steak seems to work best.
  6. Lay the sautéed mixture on the bed of greens and while hot, crumble blue cheese all over.

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