The Secrets to Making Sensational Soup…Know Any?

This entry isn’t so much about ME making sensational soup, but rather the beginning of my investigation into the secret behind making kick-ass soup!

As I mentioned earlier in this blog (Celebrating Holiday Soup-ness) I planned to do a soup exchange with friends. Over the past couple of weeks, we organized such an exchange and it went quite well.

The soups exchanged were:

  • Curried Butternut Squash
  • Eastern European Chickpea and Sausage
  • Cajun Gumbo
  • Sweet Potato
  • Potato & Leek

All were lovely soups!  (Thanks to everyone who took part!) But it got me thinking about the soups I have made, or wish to make, and how to go about making them flavourful and awesome.


In the past couple of months, I have made a couple of creamy, blended soups:  roasted red pepper soup and curried butternut squash soup.

Both turned out extremely well and taught me my first Soup Secret:

A hand blender or immersion blender is amazing for blending ingredients right in the pot!

Long lost and Forgotten Hand BlenderSome of you may recall my lovely blending experience with my actual blender and my butternut squash soup.  Once my blender was out of commission, I wondered how I would go about making future soups and a few friends told me to use the immersion blender right in the pot.  I have….and always will!


I have yet to make a kick-ass broth soup (is that what they’re called?)  I’m thinking about chicken noodle, vegetable, etc.  My broths tend to be quite bland.  Recently, a friend introduced me to concentrated chicken broth that you can buy in a squeeze bottle.  She adds that to a broth, with some soya sauce and her soups are spectacular!

So, mental note, try squeezy chicken broth and soya sauce. 😉

I’m sure there are many other secrets to making great soup, so I put it to my readers.  What ingredient/s do you add to broths etc to make a soup enter the ‘awesome’ category?


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6 responses to “The Secrets to Making Sensational Soup…Know Any?

  • Angela

    Surely you may already know this – but when I’ve struggled with ye olde bland broth – it hasn’t been the spices, the garlic, the onion — but the key to all things.


    You need more than you think. It makes everything taste a little clearer. You’ll find it helps your basil/bay/sage/thyme/chili/nutmeg what have you “pop.”

    And pepper too – they’re the yin-yang of cooking I think.

    (i.e. Alyx adds the parmesan = salty cheese)

    If you are making broth from animal bones – make sure you add the salt at the end.

    Other good soup stirrers? Slices of ginger, a stem of lemongrass (even if they come out without being in your soup.)

    Happy souping!

  • Andy

    Seriously? Squeeze broth? I can see the convenience though.

    Take critter bones (and whatever’s left on them), cover with water, add a bay leaf and simmer. Cook that sucker down and there ya go. You can tweak from there with spicing and the like, but I find I get great results from just doing that. It’s a slow process, give it the afternoon. Add water to the pot if it’s losing too much volume after a while.

  • Alyx

    adding a soupcon of olive oil to the pot is yummy too.
    and if you add onions stir fry them in oil first so they’re not just these boiled white soggy things. 🙂
    and a dash of parmesan cheese just before eating (to your bowl, maybe not the whole pot).
    Also, I add ravioli (esp spinach-cheese) to my veg soups when i want something with a little more heft. 🙂
    clearly, i make a lot of soup!

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