How do YOU cut YOUR avocado?

A good friend, who has quite a bit of cooking experience, recently commented on my avocado preparation. I was cutting up an avocado for a salad and he said something like: “What a great idea!  I’m going to try that!”

For someone with very little cooking experience, I thought it pretty awesome that a friend of mine was going to imitate something that I do in the kitchen, when usually it’s the other way around!

I’ve shared my prep process below and would love to hear what you think.  It seems like such a simple process, but I speak from ignorant experience.

Before I learned how to properly cut open an avocado, I had many messy moments and really appreciated being shown how to do it without getting green guts all over. *wink*

1) First, procure for yourself a lovely, succulent, ripe avocado…like this one!

Avocado - Ready to go under the knife!

2) Make a slice all the way around the middle of the avocado, lengthwise.

First Cut

Lengthwise slice - all the way around

3)Twist the two halves…


and they will pop apart…

Two halves

4)  Next step, similar movement…slap a knife blade into the pit, hard enough that it sticks…

Slap knife blade into pit

…and twist.  The pit will twist with the knife and is then easily removed.

Removing the pit

5) Next is the part my friend plans to imitate *grin*

Slice the whole half vertically…

Horizontal Slices

and horizontally…

Vertical Slices

6) Then, fold the skin inside out and there you have it, avocado cubed! Perfect for salads and the like with very little clean up!

Avocado cubed



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