Celebrating Holiday Soup-ness

This morning during my commute to work, I was talking about this blog, as I have a tendency to do lately, and an idea was born.

Holiday Soup Exchange – Sharing your Soup-y-ness, One Friend to Another

A cookie exchange is taking place this month but I am unfortunately out of town during the actual exchange. This morning, a commuting friend suggested I host my own and make it a soup exchange instead!

Interesting to note that she suggested this just as I concluded my Plastic Butternut Squash horror story from this weekend. Hmmmm, either she’s incredibly brave or wasn’t listening! *wink* Either way, I think it’s a great idea and want to make it happen.  I’m thinking I could find 5 or 6 interested people who agree to make enough mason jars of soup, one for each person involved.  Then, we all meet and exchange jars and recipes.  That way, everyone leaves with a variety of soups, and the recipes to make more if they wish.

I shall attempt to gauge the interest of various friends in this soup-y venture and be sure to share the results on here as they happen.

After my cannibalistic blender ate itself this past weekend, I figured my soup days were over until I could afford another.  Luckily, although my blender is kaput, I have a brand new hand blender to use as a back-up.

Long lost and Forgotten Hand Blender

It sat, completely forgotten, on a shelf for at least a year, if not more, until now!

A few people have told me they prefer the hand blender to an actual full-sized blender and that, in many ways, it is much more effective and easier to use.  I don’t have a preference as of yet since I only used it for about 5 minutes with this soup but it seemed pretty efficient.  Which do you prefer?  Do you find the hand blender good for specific projects over others?


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5 responses to “Celebrating Holiday Soup-ness

  • Chadwick Olrich

    Every single time I see blogs as excellent as this for the reason that I ought to quit bludging and begin operating on mine.Thanks

  • Amber

    Hmm…I’ve never made a soup that required a blender- most of my soups are full of chunky goodness!- but immersion blenders would be very useful for my preserves.

    Btw, I love the idea of a soup exchange! The only issue I’d run into is that all of my soups use meat and there are lot of vegetarians out there :S

    • Au Contraire

      I *just* started making soups and they have all been cream soups that required blending. At some point, I’ll be focused on more hearty soups made as you make them…with lots of MEAT! lol

  • CommuterFriend

    I would like to think I’m incredibly brave… The immersion blender is the way to go for soups. I blend them right in the pot or slow cooker– no messy pouring, not broken blender bits in your soup!

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